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Exmouth Mussels and Tesco Thanks to Scan and Go Exmouth mussels are now a chosen supplier for Tesco supermarkets. If you are a food producer we can do the same for you!

As a direct result of our QR code videos being uploaded to our website, Tesco’s are piloting Exmouth Mussels using a “talker” in their Exmouth store. Ever keen to support local producers, Tesco chose us as we were “ready to go”, helping their marketing department save time as they could just re-use the videos linked to the QR codes on their talker.
We are now part of a project to see if using the talker helps to lift sales of local produce and are the only local supplier to be chosen. Using QR codes has opened up avenues of marketing that we had never even considered and have helped to improve our image.
Although companies want to tap in to the earthiness and romance of local food production in Devon they also need us to take advantage of every new tool available to help them to sell more of our produce. “ Lisa Blood Smyth Exmouth Mussels.

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