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The Holiday Guide that just clicks QR “Imagine being able to look at a printed holiday guide and then actually being introduced to the owner or taking a walk around the hotel in video using nothing more than your smartphone”, said John Reynolds from Scan and Go market leaders in QR technology. “We can build advertising campaigns that can be changed in a matter of seconds. Plus clients can also see how effective their marketing and get a FREE mobile website” said Reynolds.

It seems obvious that tourism and QR codes would work together yet many have yet to use it imaginatively and successfully. Visit Britain is in the process of running a trial but The Torbay Hospitality Association has taken the bull by the horns with some very innovative ideas and uses.

“We are always looking to reach a new and receptive market and believe that we have found the cleverest tool available at the moment to find the audience, engage with that audience and make them an offer they can’t refuse,” said Linda Hill from the THA. She went on to say. “We believe that we are the first organisation in the UK to try this new approach to bring our members more business.”

Turning their member’s static advertisement into a video featuring their business is only the start. Some members have decided to offer money off downloads and one ground breaking idea will be the monthly video diary.
“People will be able to see all the events happening in the up and coming month. Members will be interviewed and special offers will be available all from the cover of the Holiday Guide”, said Linda Hill. “We have some of the finest restaurants and chefs in the land here, imagine being able to watch an interview with them and then get a discount at the restaurant.”

According to John Reynolds from Scan and Go the recession should encourage to work in partnership with other like minded local businesses and associations. With the mobile web upon us clearly now is when smart businesses should be leveraging this new technology. Clearly it adds value but does it improve business profits?

“One of our members received a two week booking within twenty four hours of their video going live. We always encourage members to ask where people heard about us and it was our new service that generated this lead”, said Linda Hill.
The Torbay Hospitality Association and Scan and Go already have exciting plans for Christmas 2011 and the start on 2012. So watch this space. Or should that be scan and go here?

For more information contact Linda on 01803 213527.

Posted by: JR

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